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Aerial View of Grandview Beach

A view from above of Grandview Beach.

Grandview Beach Aerial View

Grandview Beach Aerial View

Encinitas: “Surfing Madonna” – Bad, “Happy To Sit On Your Face” – Good?

10News and NBC San Diego both report that a controversial billboard in North County was taken down Thursday after it turned heads and sparked debate over its appropriateness. About a week ago, San Diego-based eyewear brand SPY put up a billboard on Highway 101 just off Encinitas Boulevard boasting the arguably racy slogan: “Happy to Sit on Your Face.”

The company said the slogan is directly tied to their new product, the “Happy Lens,” which launches next year, and is meant to be all in good fun.

I bought a pair… I didn’t get a happy face… They just felt overly snug…

The billboard, which read in big, block print, “HAPPY TO SIT ON YOUR FACE,” was an advertisement for SPY Optic, a Carlsbad-based company specializing in sunglasses, which technically sit on a person’s face.

According to a media release from the eyewear brand, the so-called “Happy Billboard” has been “widely enjoyed and celebrated by the community” – for the most part.

Turns out not everyone finds the humor in the ad.

According to SPY Optic, the company managing the billboard space has decided to take the sign down.

“Upon receiving feedback from a few local citizens about SPY’s new Hwy 101 billboard—that has been widely enjoyed and celebrated by the community—the advertising space’s management company has decided to remove it permanently,” according to a statement from SPY Optic. “Despite the billboard’s positive reception, an underwhelming minority made enough noise that the management company decided this afternoon to remove it first thing Thursday morning.”

According to the same release, residents also will be protesting and demanding for the sign to be reinstated.

The billboard was located right above the Moonlight Hair Design beauty salon.

“I thought that I read it wrong,” said salon owner Sarita Mihaly. “I thought that it was a joke.”

“Oh my God, that’s quite a sexual kind of comment to make in big bold letters like that,” said Encinitas resident Kathleen Anderson.

The billboard is the first piece of marketing that advertises SPY’s new Happy Lens line, which debuts early next year.

“You know, it seemed fun, seemed like a way to sort of embrace ‘let’s have a good time with this thing,'” said SPY Optic Marketing Director Devon Howard.
“We didn’t expect the response we’ve gotten. A lot of the response has been pretty good,” said Howard.

Howard said the patent-pending Happy Lens technology lets in blue light from the sun, increasing serotonin, making the wearer happier.
“It’s going to affect your circadian rhythm,” he said.

Howard said the company did not intend to offend anyone. He added some people have called them out on the advertisement.

“‘Hey, if you’d just put the sunglasses up, we would have got what you meant by it.’ I think that’s fair criticism,” said Howard.

It’s also an apparently successful ad campaign that drew 10News’ attention and has the community talking.

“It does create a lot of conversation in here and that’s always a good thing,” said Mihaly.

Today’s Blue Moon Occurs Once In A Blue Moon – Just What Is A Blue Moon? It Isn’t Blue… Plus Bonus – 12 “Moon” Videos

Blue Moon

Today’s Blue Moon Occurs Once In A Blue Moon – Just What Is A Blue Moon? It Isn’t Blue… (Unless enhanced like above)

Plus Bonus – 12 Moon Videos – Which Do You Like Best? Which Video Did We Leave Out?

Once In A Blue Moon

The full moon, a blue moon, that graces the sky Friday will be special — both in the early morning and the following night.

It’s also worth noting that Friday’s blue moon coincides with the memorial service of Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon. A fitting tribute, perhaps.

Of course, there has been another famous moonwalk since then…

Maybe You’ve Heard Of A Blue Moon?

Don’t get your hopes up too high. There probably won’t be anything particularly blue about the moon Friday – it’s just an extra full moon for this month. The typical lunar cycle is about 28 or 29 days, which is why this event is pretty rare.

Just What Is A Blue Moon?

NASA explains a blue moon as: For the second time this month, the Moon is about to become full. There was one full Moon on August 1st/2nd, and now a second is coming on August 31st. According to modern folklore, whenever there are two full Moons in a calendar month, the second one is “blue.”

But will the moody Moon of August 31st actually turn blue? Probably not.

Most Blue Moons look pale gray and white, indistinguishable from any other Moon you’ve ever seen.

Squeezing a second full Moon into a calendar month doesn’t change the physical properties of the Moon itself, so its color remains the same.

NASA points out that true blue moons do occasionally happen, but that’s usually due to a volcanic eruption.

Anthony Cook, an astronomical observer at Griffith Observatory, told the Los Angeles Times that the moon will be full when it sets Friday morning — as well as when it rises that night.

Opah – what? Oprah? No. Oompah? No. It Is The… Opah.

Moonfisch Lampris guttatus

Moonfisch Lampris Guttatus- Opah

Just what is an Opah? Tweet talk for Oprah? nope.

A sound you make just to embarrass yourself? Nope.

A manhole-sized fish that washed ashore in Leucadia last year? Yep.

A giant, 100 pound, disc-shaped fish that currently is on a loading dock outside the federal fishery lab in La Jolla? Yep.

Possibly something that could end up on your dinner plate? Yep.

A fish that is here due to climate change? Maybe.

The San Diego Tribune reports that Opah are showing up more often in the eastern Pacific.

In La Jolla, researchers prepare to dissect Opah — also called moonfish — typically have been found in tropical and temperate oceans, and thousands have been caught in Hawaii by longline fishermen targeting bigeye tuna.

Biologist Nick Wagner records the internal muscle temperatures of an opah. Elea Medina • NOAA

But it appears that the opah population is growing or the fish are expanding their range into the eastern Pacific Ocean. And, as they approach our San Diego shores, they may gain attention for being “consumable” partly because of their tasty meat and partly because of their odd appearance.

With regards to the Opah that were caught just off shore, “It’s the fish of a lifetime,” researcher Owyn Snodgrass said. “It’s like winning the lottery. Nobody is expecting one of these. They are just doing something different to try to get a bite and they hook an opah.”

In 2010, a friend of his saw an unusual manhole-sized object wash ashore in Leucadia. “Lo and behold, it was an opah — maybe 100 pounds or something — and it was in perfect condition,” Schwartz recalled.

“It looks just like a toy, but it’s a giant fish,” Schwartz said. “I don’t see how you could not be fascinated. It doesn’t look like something that can swim.”

What little scientists know about opah suggests they are a highly migratory species that can quickly travel long distances. Research also shows opah dive hundreds of meters deep during the day, then come closer to the surface at night.

If you catch an opah, here is who to tell…

He is asking for the public’s help to learn more about opah caught in the region, much like he does with another unusual creature — the basking shark — that he and Dewar track off California shores. Specifically, Snodgrass is collecting opah stomachs for inspection. He can be reached by email at owyn.snodgrass@noaa.gov.

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