Grandview Beach

Grandview Beach Reviews

1700 Neptune Ave
Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (8 Reviews)

Review by Rod A.
Grandview is one of those super-secret, hard-to-find North County beaches. It sits at the north dead end of Neptune Avenue. The stairway is great and solid wood and because it sits on a bluff, every step going down the stairway is awesome.

In fact it is so steep, that many people just go up and down the stairs for exercise.

Note that at high tide you probably can’t walk along the beach because the waves can come to the base of the bluff.

During the summer a lifeguard tower is hauled in and placed at the bottom of the stairs – what a job…

If you go south 1 mile you will come to Beacons Beach and if you go north 1/2 mile you arrive at Ponto beach.

As a small bonus, there is a shower (cold water only) near the bottom of the stairway. It is mostly a surfer/locals beach as other places have more convenient parking. The only negative, should there be one, is that the small parking lot that does exist there sometimes has break-ins.

You can see more at Grandview Beach or follow local news the Grandview Beach Facebook page.
Rating: 5

Review by Brooke M.
This is the place for stair lovers who like a good climb with a great view. Be warned, the beach goes bye-bye during high tides – don’t get stuck!
Rating: 4

Review by Ash R.
This is one of my all-time favorite beaches! Came here this past weekend and had an excellent time.

The staircase is amazing!

Also saw some dolphins,…
Rating: 5