Grandview’s 2010 Bluff Failure

In late December 2010, Grandview beach suffered a substantial bluff failure as a result of a series of storms and heavy rainfall. Landslides are not uncommon along this beach and visitors should be aware of the unpleasant possibilities of others.

Encinitas bluff failure - 2010

if you are walking along the beach at low tide, lifeguards say that you should walk as close to the shoreline as possible — that way, if there is a bluff failure, you should have plenty of time within which to not only see it, but get away. Hanging out close to or even near the bluff is not a good idea. Depending upon how much moisture has built up in various areas of the bluffs, a collapse or landslide is more than possible — it’s probable.  Every year there are reports of small and large bluff failures along the southern California coast.

People have been injured and some have died.  On Jan. 15, 2000, a sunbathing Encinitas woman died after a bluff failure just north of Moonlight Beach. More news on bluff failures.

While enjoying nature’s display of sun, sand and surf, keep in mind that the sandy bluffs that you so admire for their color, shape and history are inherently very dangerous if one is caught unaware.  Caution: Admire from afar.